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Your guide to a backyard wedding in Canberra

Canberra is the perfect place to have a backyard wedding with its natural reserve, snow – capped mountains and scenic views.  Which is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of tips when having a backyard wedding. Planning your backyard wedding has never been easier.

Consider the weather + season you wish to get married in

No one likes getting married in the pouring rain or on a cold wintery day. Given Canberra’s icy winters, think about whether you need to organise additional heaters to keep your guests cozy. Regardless of what time of the year we are in , you should always plan for rain by considering a marquee option. 

Canberra’s summer can get very sticky and humid so it may be worth considering a range of air con options or supplying umbrellas to your guests which can also work as wedding favours!

Choose where you will say your vows.

From the first glimpse, to the first kiss, your ceremony’s main focal point must be captivating and meaningful to both you and your partner. There are so many creative and unique ways to frame your vows. Maybe your backyard has lots of trees which you can use as a background and adding those extra festoon lights can give that magical effect. Lots of couples hire out timber or metal frames which are incredibly versatile allowing you to decorate them with various floral arrangements in accordance with your theme. Some couples opt for the traditional arch backdrop which can also be decorated with flowers and fabric and lights. If you have unwanted space you wish to cover, the most popular option is hiring out a screen, whether it’s a flower wall, or a metal frame which can easily be decorated however you want. 

Consider your neighbours

While having a backyard wedding means you can avoid all the rules and regulations that come with hiring out a venue, you still have to abide by council rules when having your big day in your home. It’s important to let your neighbours know that you will be hosting your event in your backyard and if they have any questions and concerns you can give them a contact number. They are more likely to let things slide if you provide them ample notice. Depending on the number of guests and the location of your wedding, you may wish to consider other factors such as noise policy and permits with your local council. The last thing you want is to fall into the risk of having several complaints or having your event shut down.

Organise the perfect food for your guests

When it comes to wedding food it can be hard finding things that you haven’t already seen a hundred times in other weddings. For a backyard style wedding you could consider a BBQ or organising various food trucks that can cater to diverse tastes, and even a gelato truck for those with a sweet tooth. You could also consider getting a caterer to come and use your kitchen to cook. This would involve giving them a tour of all the utensils and amenities so your day can run smoothly. You could even consider several grazing platters for a lighter option. As for drinks, having a bartender who can make all the cocktails is a good option or you could consider a simple self-serve option offering beer, wine, spirits and fizzies. 


The last and one of the most important items on the list is the music. If you’re after a great atmosphere for your guests, it’s a good idea to hire a DJ for the event. A DJ can read a crowd and play appropriate music based on the energy of your guests, something an iPod can’t do. Vintage Events provide some of the most experienced DJs in Canberra with a diverse range of skills and expertise.

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