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Wedding Reception Must have checklist

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most important milestones of your life. Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, friendship and family. However, it’s no secret that planning a wedding requires rigorous planning, especially when there are so many choices to be made! To help you in this process, we’ve compiled a checklist to guide you in creating an event that aligns with your wedding vision!


Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is arguably the most memorable dish of the night! Every wedding and reception deserves a beautiful and delicious cake as the centrepiece for the event. Whether it’s a traditional tiered cake or something chic and more elegant (naked cake anyone!), many choices await you. We recommend finding a wedding cake designer early in the process to decide on the number of tiers, type of icing, decoration styles and flavour of cake. Many designers also offer cake tastings at a low cost that can then be reimbursed from the final cost should you choose them as your designer. This makes choosing your wedding cake the most delicious part of the planning process!



Choosing a wedding menu isn’t as easy as it used to be. How will you account for your sister’s shellfish allergy or your maid of honour’s recent decision to go purely plant-based? How do you find the right chef to help you and your partner out? And how can you stay within your budget while still offering your guests a delicious culinary experience? We recommend asking your guests for dietary requirements when you send out your wedding invites. Many wedding venues offer food and beverage packages catered to a wide range of dietary needs but do not be afraid to ask your chef for a customised menu that better aligns with you and your partner’s taste. Just like your wedding cake, it is important to organise a wedding tasting to ensure you can make any changes to the menu if need be.



One of the most important factors to bring energy to a wedding reception is the drinks, specifically the alcoholic ones! Most wedding venues provide a drinks package as an add on. You should check what types and varieties of beers, wines and spirits they can provide. Alternatively, you could check with the venue if you can provide your own alcoholic beverages as this is generally the cheaper option. In any case, ensure that your guests have enough beverages for the night to help them socialise, dance and enjoy themselves.



Wedding photographers are essential to making your wedding look as magical as it felt, after all these captured moments will last a lifetime.

 Trusting someone with your love story is a huge responsibility, so try to get to look beyond photographers’ portfolios and see if you get along with them on a personal level. This can foster understanding between you, your partner, and them to ensure your most unique, intimate and magical moments can be captured truthfully!



Flowers can add to the magic of your special day. Whether they are adorning your bridesmaids’ hands, your tables, the wedding aisle or simply fill the space, there are a lot of choices to be made. Understanding the mood and colour schemes of your desired wedding can help you decide if you want hydrangeas, orchids, and lilies sorted into gorgeous centrepieces, or traditional roses, daffodils, and dahlias arranged in bouquets held by all of your bridesmaids, so seek out your inspiration early!


Seating Chart

Assigning seats for your guests isn’t mandatory, though most couples do opt for one to ensure the event flows smoothly! The best way to plan this is to enlist the help of others. For example, you could organise seating for your friends, while your partner or their parents do the seating for theirs. Try to be sensitive to your guests to ensure no one feels excluded or embarrassed by who they are seated with, and keep the venue in mind. To reduce any confusion around seating, it is important to convey it to your guests clearly. For example, you may list everyone’s names in alphabetical order on a physical chart and place it at the entrance of the wedding reception.


Games and Activities

Games are also not mandatory, but can be a fun and unique way to get your guests more involved! This might include the classic bride and groom trivia like the shoe game, or something a bit more out-there like a piñata! Again, think about the atmosphere you want to create to help guide your decision.


Wedding Favours for Guests

Weddings are expensive, so there is no expectation to also fork out on favours for guests. However, they can be a classy touch and a warm way to thank any family or friends who may have travelled near and far to join you for your special day. We find the most appreciated favours are edible, like small brownies or slices, but do not be afraid to pick something a bit more quirky that reflects you and your partners’ personalities!


Wedding Music and DJ 

How is a wedding complete without an exceptional DJ? Vintage Events have 10 of years doing weddings. We deliver services catered to a bride and groom’s music taste. We also have high-quality audio, visuals and special effects to add that little touch of romanticism to your special day. 

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