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Top Tips for Booking a Wedding DJ in Canberra

Music is one of the key elements to any wedding and it can be the difference between your event being a hit or a flop. The decision on which DJ in Canberra to select is extremely important for a once in a lifetime event such as a wedding. 

If you’re not sure about which DJ to go with for your wedding, that’s okay. We have assembled a list of top tips to guide you through the process of finding the right Canberra based DJ for your wedding.

Music taste

Different DJ’s specialise in different genres. A good wedding DJ should be flexible enough to play a number of different genres throughout the night, catering for crowds of various demographics. Generally a wedding DJ should be equipped to play  70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Top 40, RnB and Dance Music. When booking a DJ, make sure to confirm whether they have experience playing your preferred genres. If international music is required, then a specialist DJ may be required.  

Ps – Don’t forget to give the DJ a list of MUST PLAY and MUST NOT PLAY songs for the night.

Can the DJ read a crowd?

A DJ can have every song in the world, but if they can’t read a crowd, then it’s all pointless. So what is reading a crowd? Reading a crowd is the ability to know what the crowd wants and play music accordingly. The DJ should play the right songs throughout the night to keep people dancing while incorporating the requests from guests. 

It’s important to understand that the event is not all about dancing!  Weddings have different stages of the night where different types of music should be played. Generally, at the start of the night the DJ should play easy listening music at a lower volume allowing guests to mingle. As the event progresses the energy, tempo and volume should start lifting to build the energy of the crowd. When booking a DJ you confirm what kind of music the DJ will play throughout different stages of the night. 

Do they mix songs?

Transitioning smoothly from song to song is an artform that allows the crowd to maintain energy on the dancefloor when changing different songs. It is not an essential requirement, as there are also DJs that do not mix, but can still maintain a high energy dance floor. If mixing songs is something that you’re looking for, then you should ask the DJ what style they prefer to play. You can also confirm this by requesting a mixtape or alternatively, if the DJ works in a bar or nightclub, you could request to pop in for a visit on a night that they are playing. 

Professionalism is essential

A DJ should always uphold the most professional behaviour. Remember that they are there to do a job, not to party with the guests. A drink here and there doesn’t hurt, but if a DJ end’s up drinking too much it will negatively affect their performance on the night. A good way to find a professional DJ is by checking their reviews on google and on their social media platforms. If it’s mostly positive, that’s always a good sign. 

Formal Attire Only

A DJ should wear appropriate attire for the type of event they are attending. For weddings, the minimum expectation should be formal shirts, pants and shoes. It’s a good idea to set your expectations and let the DJ know that the dress code of the event should be “Wedding Formal”. 

Appropriate Sound Equipment 

When booking your DJ, you will need to let them know the number of guests attending, approximate size of the venue, the shape and configuration of the venue, whether the venue is indoor or outdoors and if the venue already has an inbuilt sound system. With this information the DJ should be able to properly estimate the amount of sound equipment to provide on the night. To get a better idea of the type of sound equipment that is required for different crowd sizes, have a look at the sound packages available in our shop. Each sound package has a recommended crowd size to give you an idea of how much sound equipment is required for your event.

Appropriate Lighting Equipment

Would you like to be blinded with a strobe light during dinner? What about party lights running throughout the night ruining that perfect photo opportunity? Probably not! For upscale events like weddings, it’s preferable that the DJ has intelligent lighting that can be programmed to behave differently throughout the different stages of the night. Intelligent lights can be custom programmed for mood lighting for the start of the night, spot lighting during the first dance, and ofcourse dance-floor lighting. Intelligent lighting is generally very expensive and most entry level DJ’s do not provide them as they only have basic dance lights. If that’s the case, that’s not a problem. Just let the DJ know that it would be preferable to only have the lights running for the dancing portion of the event. 

Venue Collaboration

When booking a DJ, it is always good to connect the DJ with the venue management to ensure that there are no restrictions in place for sound or effects. Some venues have sound restrictions in place which do not allow for DJs to bring an extensive amount of sound equipment. Furthermore, if you’re planning on using effects such as a smoke machine or indoor fireworks, it’s a good idea to ask the DJ to confirm with venue management if special effects machines are allowed. 

Insurance requirements

A majority of wedding venues in Canberra will require the DJ to carry public liability insurance before allowing them to perform. Prior to booking the DJ, you should confirm whether they have sufficient public liability insurances in place. Generally 10 to 20 million dollars in liability coverage is sufficient for the needs of the venue. 


Weddings can be a complex and a highly stressful event for a DJ. This is because there are many requirements to cater for throughout the night. This includes playing specific entrance music, special performances, special requests and making announcements. Therefore, it’s preferable to book a DJ that has experience specific to the requirements of a wedding. It’s a good idea to check the DJ’s social platforms to determine if they have ample experience performing at weddings. 


The term ‘you get what you pay for’ could not be any more true in the wedding DJ industry. We all know how expensive weddings are, but the music is not an area where you want to be cutting corners to save a dollar or two. If it seems that a DJ is cheaper than the others, it’s possibly due to the fact that they have less experience and provide lower quality equipment. The pricing for highly experienced DJs will generally reflect their experience, quality of equipment and level of service. If you want to have a memorable night, it’s best to make sure that you get a DJ that fits the requirements of the night, rather than finding the cheapest one. 


Weddings are a stressful time for everyone involved and no-one needs the added stress of an unreliable DJ. To get a gauge of the DJ’s reliability, you should look to see how responsive they are in answering calls and providing a quote. You can also book through a DJ agency. A DJ agency will provide a range of DJs options for you to choose from (including a backup if required).

If you are looking for a DJ for a wedding or any upcoming event, don’t forget to check out our team of DJ’s listed on our website!

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