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Photobooth Services Canberra

Why Hire A Photo Booth For Your Next Event

When holding any event, you would want to ensure that you capture amazing memories and provide something special for guests. A photo booth can add a unique and exciting element to occasions such as Birthdays, Engagement Parties, Wedding Receptions and Corporate events. Hiring a photobooth is a great way of capturing everyone’s smiles and special moments, whilst also giving your guests a special memento to take home. When planning your next event, here are some good reasons why you should consider hiring a photobooth.

Photobooth Services Canberra

Photobooth Services Canberra

Capture unique photos

You can quickly capture memories of each guest and collate a photo collection. With the addition of fun props, amazing backdrops and digital photo editing, photobooths can capture and create moments that cannot be achieved with a smartphone camera. The moments saved on each photo can be printed or saved on your computer to be cherished forever. 

Scrapbooks and guestbooks

For all those scrapbook enthusiasts, the addition of a photo booth to your event is a great way of putting together a fun little guestbook. When the guests are done taking photos, they will receive a physical printout which can be added to your guestbook. At the end of the event, you will have a guestbook containing photos from most of your guests that attended your special event. 

Customised designs

For weddings, you may want to put you and your partners names on the design of the photo to be printed out. Maybe you have a themed event and want the theme to be captured in the printout. Or you have a corporate event, which requires a logo or slogan to be displayed. The sky’s the limit with the photo designs as they can be custom designed to suit each event. 

Photo Booths are so much fun!

Some events can be long and there may be times where guests start to get bored after a few hours. If you are organising an event, it may be a good idea to have a photobooth to give your guests something to do and keep them entertained. Photo Booths can be a lot of fun. Guests get to post in front of a camera, use props, edit photos and share on social media. 

In summary, photo booths can make any event exciting and unforgettable. You will be able to keep your guests entertained, keep special memories forever and give your guests a special souvenir to take home with them. So, if you are organising an event, then a photobooth is a must have. 

If you need to hire a photo booth, Vintage Events have the perfect one for you. Our photobooth is a 65” Mirror booth which will put the wow factor in your event. For more information, please see our photobooth package to hire one for your Birthday, Engagement Party, Wedding Reception or Corporate event. We also have special discounts available when a photobooth is booked with any DJ Package. Enquire now!

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