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Finding a Bollywood DJ in Canberra

Choosing an Indian DJ for your dream Indian wedding can be a tough decision. But that’s where we come in. Vintage Events – Canberra’s leading wedding entertainment service provider, providing three of the most popular DJ’s in the Canberra and Sydney Indian Community.

  1. DJ Vintage

DJ Vintage takes pride in being the most popular Indian DJ in the Canberra and Sydney community having worked in the entertainment industry for over 8 years in North Indian, Punjabi, Tamil, Fiji , and Gujarati weddings.

Having grown up with a strong Indian heritage, DJ Vintage has had the privilege of witnessing several Indian weddings within his family and in the wider Indian community, which has allowed him to understand the cultural intricacies. He has a strong connection with RnB and hip hop music allowing him to create an ‘east meets west’ fusion for his fresh crowd which is of popular demand by couples.

Alongside playing the biggest tunes, DJ Vintage is experienced in providing all the lighting, setting up speakers,  dry ice, and fireworks to make sure your event is flawless.

Most Indian weddings are a back- to- back one week saga involving several festivities before the main day. DJ Vintage has successfully taken the stress away from several bride and grooms by covering every aspect of the event from Haldi, Mehendi Night, Sangeet Night, Baarat, Wedding ceremony, right through to Reception.

He has helped hundreds of couples with run sheet coordination, customised playlists, first dance and bridal entry song recommendations, lighting advice based on the venue, and creating music for dance performances taking all the wedding stress away.

2 – DJ Sunny

DJ Sunny,  is a leading DJ in the South Asian Community with over 10 years of experience and within that time, he has established a reputation as one of the most versatile entertainers of his generation within the Canberra and Sydney community.

DJ Sunny has an impeccable ability to read a crowd and cater to them by playing exactly what they want to hear. He loves everything Desi and everything Bollywood and this very passion shines through every successful event he’s done.

He’s a strong listener and understands what each couple wants by creating bespoke playlists for the relevant crowd.

From intimate Hindu weddings, to lavish big fat Indian weddings, DJ Sunny’s versatility makes him one of the best entertainers within the Indian Community.

3 – DJ Don

DJ Don, our fresh addition to Vintage Events is a versatile Indian DJ with vast experience in performing at Indian birthday parties and Indian social and cultural events.

Born and raised Fiji, DJ Don has always been connected to old school Hindi mixes and has recently developed a strong talent for old meets new mixes.

His excellent choice in music gets the crowd running to the dance floor transforming the event allowing that people will remember forever

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