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Canberra Nightlife During the COVID Era

With limited capacity allowed in venues and distancing restrictions still in place, nights out — whether for the purposes of painting the town red or just for dinner and some quiet drinks — will not be the same for quite some time.

Despite the great effort made by Canberrans to curb the spread of COVID-19, our social lives won’t be back in full swing in the foreseeable future. For local businesses, in particular the social venues we flock to on our Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it will not be financially viable to re-open until restrictions are eased to allow at least 100 patrons at a time. For us, their customers, get set for some long queues in the Canberra winter, waiting to be allowed inside. Yikes!

Once you get past the capacity limits and actually find yourself inside, what’s it going to look and feel like? We’ll still have to respect spacing and social distancing rules. The old days of packing in shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of others in a mosh, vibing to the music will seem a distant memory. Chilling at a bar and striking up a conversation with a group of strangers? Er, maybe if you’re willing to speak loudly enough to maintain the required physical distance, and you better forget about any handshakes!

But not to fear, everything that goes up, must eventually come down… right? Well that what we hope, when it comes to the number of Covid cases in Australia and the world. In the meantime, with stage 2 restrictions in place, we can still go out and have fun, we just have to be a little more responsible about it.


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