How Much Should It Cost To Hire A Canberra DJ?

How much should it cost to hire a DJ in Canberra? If you’re starting to plan for your dream wedding, organising a corporate event or hosting the ultimate birthday party, it’s a good idea to understand how DJs price themselves so you can set your budgets accordingly. 

From your initial google search of ‘DJs in Canberra’, you may notice that Canberra offers a diverse range of DJs who all vary in expertise and price. 

On average, you can expect ballpark quotes from Canberra DJ’s ranging anywhere from $500, for a ‘backyard DJ’ to at least $1200 for a professional events service such as Vintage Events. 

The price tag of hiring a cheap DJ may be attractive at first, but the quality and professionalism that an experienced DJ can provide is definitely worth it. After all, it’s the entertainment that can make or break your event. 

You may be asking yourself ‘why would I select a more expensive DJ over a cheaper one’. In the section below, we will go through all of the factors that affect the pricing of DJ services.

Different Levels of Experience:

Generally, we can classify DJs into the following categories:

DJ TypeCostDescription
Backyard /Gumtree DJ $250-$500The Backyard/Gumtree DJ generally offers a very small fee for their services. These DJs generally do not have many years of experience in providing DJ services and are learning as they go. These artists specialise in 1 or 2 genres and can struggle to perform for a mixed crowd. 
Amatuer DJ$500-$700The Amatuer DJ is someone that has had 1 – 2 years of experience playing at either weddings, birthdays, corporate events, night clubs etc. However, given their limited experience, they can struggle to read and respond to a diverse crowd leaving the guests dissatisfied.  
Finding an amateur DJ is a risk as there is no guarantee the artist will perform up to the standard that your event requires.
Professional DJ$900-$2500The professional DJ has over 5 years of experience performing for a wide variety of events. This DJ has a large collection of music, can play the right songs at the right time and has the skills to transition  music both smoothly and quickly so that the dancefloor maintains energy. 
The professional DJ will have all of your favourite tracks and will be able to take requests throughout the night. 
Touring DJ$3000 onwardsThese are your favourite DJs that you hear on the radio. If you do wish to use them, you could be forking out anywhere between $3,000-$100,000 to get them to play, which at times may not be worth it.  

Duration of the Event

The duration of your event will play a big part in the overall price of the DJ. Generally, a DJ will charge a certain amount for the equipment plus an hourly rate for DJ services required. If you would like to reduce the price of a DJ, you can think about adjusting the hours that the DJ is required for. 

Types of Equipment/Quality of Equipment Required

Another big factor that can impact the price is the type and amount of sound, lighting and special effects equipment you require. Generally, a DJ will want to know the number of guests you have invited to your event and the size of your venue. Based on this, the DJ can put together an appropriate sound and lighting package for you. Generally, the more guests attending, the more equipment that is required, and the more equipment that is required, the higher the cost of the DJ. 

Level of Service

Many people overlook the level of quality a DJ should offer for your event. A professional DJ will be attentive to your needs and will provide a high level of service throughout the planning of the event as well as on the actual event day. 

Type of Event

The type of event can also impact the price of a DJ. Generally weddings and corporate events are more expensive than your smaller functions such as birthdays and cocktail dinners.  This is because there is a lot more pre-event preparation required by the DJ for a larger event, such as curating playlists, organising music for special performances, coordinating equipment setup with the venue management and coordinating between speakers/mc’s/bands. 

Venue Type

The type of the venue may also impact on the final price of a DJ. If there are multiple stairs (within access to an elevator), the DJ will most likely need to carry their heavy equipment up the stairs. As a result, you may expect what is known as a ‘Stair Surcharge’.

Location of the event

Generally, if the event is within the Canberra region, you should not be hit with a travel surcharge. However, if the location of the event is outside of the Canberra region, you can expect a travel surcharge of at least 50c to $2 per kilometer. 


Another overlooked factor which it comes to the pricing of a DJ is the season of the event. Generally during spring and summer time prices for hiring a DJ might be slightly higher due to the higher demand for such artists in the warmer weather. 

In conclusion, there are various factors that can impact on the price a DJ can quote.  The term ‘you get what you pay for’ accurately describes the DJ industry. We all know how expensive events can be, but the music is not an area where you want to compromise to save a couple of dollars. We recommend going with the professionals to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. 

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